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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bean a long and tiring day

Just a quick post. Thank you Anna and Alice for the comments and support. I go in for my appointment with the midwives tomorrow morning and then off to pro-d. I was looking at my calendar and realizing that I don't really know when we conceived. I'm only guessing. I've decided that I'm going to get them to book the ultrasound for as soon as possible just to make sure that there is indeed a pregnancy and it's in the right spot. I realize it may be early but I need to know at least that. I feel pregnant and I know that I don't have another molar, but I need to make sure.

I worked so hard today. I'm physically exhausted and I have to get up early tomorrow. So, off to bed. I'm still off coffee and I've found that it's evened out my energy levels (and moods) a lot. I'm trying to drink lots of water. I hope that I can keep it up. I've gone off the bean a few other times but I was never able to sustain it for very long. It's such a social drink and it's everywhere. I love the smell and the taste. As long as it's not around, I'm fine but it's when I'm tired and down that I cave. Okay, really must go to bed now. G'night.


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