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Friday, August 24, 2007


Woke up with hot flash last night. It felt like some kind of hormonal thing. Felt vaguely sick in the morning but nothing too serious. I went into work and am trying to get into the swing of things, but frankly, I don't really feel that into it. I couldn't help but have flashbacks to last summer when I was setting up my room knowing that I probably wouldn't be able to teach there. There are endless reminders somehow right now of last September's madness. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise but it makes it all more in my face because I'm pregnant again. But as I've learned, getting pregnant and having a baby are not always an easy connect the dots. Shit. I need to know what's happening in there. 5 weeks, 5 days. No bleeding. Sore breasts. Crampy. Bloated feeling. That weird hot flash thing last night. That's about it. I have to decide when to book the ultrasound. Should it be before school starts or during the first stressful week? If I knew the outcome of the ultrasound then I would easily pick before school. But what if it shows there's nothing there or an underdeveloped embryo? Then I'll be totally distracted and heartbroken for that first week that is so important. What would you do? When would you have the ultrasound?


Blogger Anna said...

Oh, I really feel for you. This is THE worst phase, even though it is really good that you're pregnant. I think all those symptoms are great though! I had exactly the same kind of things. Definitely hot flushes at night early on, and it is the middle of winter here!
I really think you need to go for that ultrasound as close to 7 weeks as you can. It is kind of torturous not knowing what is going on. When does school go back? How far along will you be? You know, if the result is at all disappointing, give yourself time and space to not go to work if you need to! I totally understand the stress of the first week back. Not like other jobs. So tricky. But they will survive without you! But I am trying to think positive and assume you will go back to school floating on cloud 9 with a strong little heartbeat that you will have seen!

I feel so anxious for you! I am praying every day that your little baby is growing so strong. I almost hope you do start feeling sick every day, just so you know it is going well! It is a strange kind of a comfort!

The other thing you can do, which is a little easier to organise, is just get two blood tests arranged, within a couple of days of each other. If the hcg is strong and rising at a reasonable rate, that is comforting too. But, of course, there is the risk that it could look scary?! Might help make the decision about the u/s though?

4:46 AM  
Blogger Alice said...

I agree with Anna and think you should wait until 7 weeks. With this pregnancy we went in a 6 and there was no heartbeat. At 7 it was there, but that week of waiting was awful.

This is the worst phase of it and I promise it does get better over time. Just try to take some deep breaths and take each day as it comes.

7:22 AM  

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