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Sunday, March 16, 2008


It' March 16th and where has so much time gone? I finished up work on Friday. What a relief (slow exhale). It has been the craziest term and I'm just so happy to have some time to myself.

My in-laws are visiting now and they're so excited for us. We've had a great time with them. It's only another 6 weeks before we will meet our baby. I'm curious to find out who this little person will be. He or She has been positioned breech for a while now. I've been trying all sorts of crazy things to get him/her to turn. Moxa, acupuncture, tilt board, swimming, handstands while swimming. I've got a chiropractic appointment lined up and a massage. So far no luck. I'm scheduled to see an OB this week. My midwives made the appointment. I think that they want me prepared in case I need a cesarean. I've had a few good cries about that but ultimately, I want this baby born healthy and I'm not willing to take the risks of a breech baby labour with doctors who don't have a lot of experience with breech births. I'm talking to baby, Malcolm's talking to baby. Baby seems to be very comfortable in the same position. I've heard a bit about an external version where the doctor tries to manually turn the baby. I will probably find out more about that at this Tuesday's appointment.

People have tried to reassure me that there's still time and there is still time so I am trying to relax a bit. I don't look forward to a surgery, however, I also know that with "natural" births that there can be problems and the woman can need a c-section. I will get through it if it comes to that.

Head over to the egg, the sperm and the mole to congratulate Anna. She delivered a beautiful baby girl! Also, babymakingblues and Second chances have had their babies too. Incredible. There were times for all of us that we thought it may never happen. Life is certainly mysterious.


Blogger Anna said...

Yay for you! Finished work at last! I thought of you this weekend and thought you must be finally done and I am thrilled you are - it must feel like you are on the home strait now!
I understand your worries re: a c-section! And in my birth last week I ended up doing both! The full labour, including pushing and then a c-section with a failed epidural and finally a general anaesthetic. But, you know, in the end, I was just thrilled she was born safe and sound. I hope your little one decides to turn, but if not, often there is a good reason for them not turning, so count it as nature taking its rightful course and I will pray that your baby will come in to the world at exactly the perfect time and place and way, with you at peace with whatever happens.
I cannot wait to find out who is in there for you and Malc!

4:11 AM  

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